The designer

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The design of the NF family of chairs is the brainchild of Nicolai Fuhrmann, who has been working as a VS design partner since 2006. Nicolai started his career with Jorge Pensi Diseño in Barcelona, subsequently moving on to Milan and Zürich before founding his own studio in Cologne in 2004.

Whenever he enters into a project, his first priority is to watch and listen carefully. Only then can the creative phase begin, with complete cooperation between both manufacturer and  designer - imperative for a high-quality end product.

“What's crucial for my work is the way things are used – how people will interact with this product and how the product can give them optimal support in their activities. What is more important in today's office and school environments than cooperation and team spirit? That's why the NF-Chair had to be a team player. For me, it stands for openness and variety.”