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The NF-Swing cantilevered chair offers outstanding seating comfort in teaching and seminar rooms. When working at a desk, the strain on the upper thighs is relieved and the spine is stimulated to maintain a healthy, balanced dynamic posture.

The NF-Compass four-legged chair is ideally suited for large spaces such as main halls or refectories. It's easy to arrange in rows (optionally with connectors) and the version without armrests can be stacked.

The height-adjustable NF-Move is ideally suited for conference or meeting spaces. The NF-Move-Plus, with its larger height adjustment range and adjustable foot ring, has been designed for seated/standing workplaces, with table heights of approx. 106 cm.

Both NF-Move models are available with the patented ergonomic 3D tilt mechanism.

All NF-Chair frame variants can be equipped with armrests.

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