Soft shell, hard core


There are many delicate, lightweight seat shells made from plastic. Very few of them possess the form and structure necessary to combine outstanding stability, with the perfect seat shape and elegant design.

This is where the NF-Chair stands apart. The flowing lines of the plastic shell display a lightness, combined with agile contours and aesthetic beauty. At the same time, the shell is extremely stable and reassuringly comfortable – making it ideal for school and office use.

The shell is manufactured from recyclable polypropylene using a sandwich method. Areas that have to bear high loads have extra reinforcement.

The discreet longitudinal fold in the seating area gives the shell additional strength and stability, enabling the chair to cope with all manner of stresses and strains through continued use.

The design is highly praised by ergonomics experts. NF-Move and NF-Swing models are certified by the AGR Healthy Back Campaign (Aktion gesunder Rücken e.V.). What's more, the NF-Move-Plus forms part of the conference room concept certified as ergonomic and back-friendly by AGR

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