The four-legged NF-Compass is the ideal solution for large rooms.

Up to ten NF-Compass chairs can be stacked and transported using the stacker trolley. The stacking divider protects the seat shell against pressure and damage.

... and with Connectors
The NF-Compass without armrests can be supplied with connectors to link chairs together in a row. In this way, the chairs can be chained together and released – quickly and efficiently. These are recommended for rooms that are also used as event spaces.

On-table storage
The NF-Swing is easy to store on the table. Optional table edge protection on the frame and an anti-slip plastic part below the seat shell prevent any damage to the table edge and top.

Glide elements
With the right glide elements, the NF-Compass is perfectly equipped for any floor. Felt provides the greatest stability on hard floors. Plastic is recommended for soft floors. The FloorCare multi-purpose glide elements offer high performance everywhere.

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