The NF-Swing forward-sprung cantilevered chair possesses additional stability thanks to the cross-piece bracing welded to the skids. As a result, the chair remains stable even when tilted to one side.

Replaceable glide elements
The NF-Swing can be supplied with replaceable glide elements that can be equipped with different glide unit inserts quickly and easily. Replaceable inserts are available for hard floors (felt), soft floors (plastic) or for the multipurpose FloorCare glide elements.

On-table storage
The NF-Swing is easy to store on the table. Optional table edge protection on the frame and an anti-slip plastic part below the seat shell prevent any damage to the table edge and top.

Chair with armrests
Just like the NF-Move and NF-Compass models, the NF-Swing is also available with armrests. The slender armrests are equipped with a comfortable plastic lining.

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