Star-foot chair – the ergonomic seating solution.


Frame consisting of an aluminum star-foot and plastic-covered gas spring mechanism. Optionally available with armrests and plastic lining.

Seat and backrest shell manufactured using a monosandwich process. Made from polypropylene with a hard core and glass-fiber content. With a flexible outside and edge area to prevent uncomfortable pressure points when sitting. Optionally with a tightly upholstered seat and backrest area.

Equipment and options Glide elements or castors for hard and soft floors or 2C universal glide elements. Optionally available with foot ring or with particularly easy-to-use 3D tilt mechanism with sideways tilt capability. With piggy-back hook (models without armrests) for suspension of chair on table tops.

Model Plus for raised sitting/standing workstations with castors braked under load and with a foot ring that is height-adjustable and lockable in 3 cm increments.

The following material groups are available: Frame made of steel tube: M1; Seat and backrest: C7; Fabric cover: S46,51,52,64,74,76,78,79,80,82.

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