Teachers’ desks


Storage element for teacher’s workplaces.


Body element with organized access to the storage space from three sides. Protected against unauthorized access from the side, front and top by means of lockable doors and flaps. Two models permitting the teacher’s desk to be positioned on either the right or left. The MediaBox can be free-standing or fixed to the floor.

Supporting plate for the positioning of a document camera with cabling via the gap in the flap as well as a function rail for integrating a monitor arm.

Front area with PC compartment and optionally also a Gratnells tray and a separate keyboard compartment.

Side area with compartments for a document camera and small parts.

Equipment and options . With “Flo” monitor holder, movable along a function rail With an integrated MediaSwitch of type MD_540 013 (1xVGA,1xHDMI,2xUSB) or MD_540 014 (1xVGA,2xHDMI,3xUSB) or MD_540 015 (2xVGA,1xHDMI,3xUSB).

The following material groups are available to choose from: Body made of chipboard: L6; Cheek made of chipboard: L3; Cheek veneered: F1.

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