Cleaning and care instructions

Cleaning and maintaining

glass surfaces.

Cleaning and maintaining

Note on COVID-19: Despite the COVID pandemic, the Robert-Koch Institute (RKI) does not recommend the routine disinfection of surfaces in domestic and public areas, including that of frequent contact surfaces. Appropriate cleaning is the preferred approach.

General information: In general, glass surfaces do not require intensive cleaning. Simply wipe away any slightly soiled areas with a moderately moistened cloth or sponge. Eliminate any dirtier areas with water and a commercially available glass cleaner.

Do not use any aggressive and/or abrasive cleaning materials since these can damage the glass surface. These also include all liquid cleaners which contain abrasive additives such as whiting or similar.

Only use cleaning cloths or rags or natural or synthetic sponges for cleaning. Do not use any synthetic or steel wool cleaning pads. These can permanently damage the surface structure. After cleaning, wipe moisture off the glass surfaces with a rubber squeegee and then wipe with a dry cloth.

Use suitable mechanical aids (e.g. scraper) to loosen any difficult-to-remove or adhering dirt such as splashes of paint before cleaning. In such cases, you are advised to contact the VS Service department directly.