Hokki, Hokki+

Stool, height-adjustable stool.

Stool made from stable, durable and extremely scratch-resistant polypropylene, fully recyclable. Comes with a lightweight foam seat shell (grey) or optionally with an extra-soft padded artificial leather cover (black). Thermoplastic base screwed to the polypropylene body.

Chair sizes in 4 fixed heights as set out in DIN EN 1729, one additional extra-large size and two sizes with gas-spring height adjustment.

Function: Offers freedom of movement in controlled conditions thanks to curved surfaces that stimulate the entire musculo-skeletal system. Easy to carry thanks to ergonomically shaped, undulating seating edge that is easy to grip and also prevents the user from slipping off. The stools are easy to transport and can be moved together to save space. Height-adjustable models with all-round activation mechanism and ergonomic depth suspension.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Body made of plastic: C2.

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