Ergonomic stand-at/sit-at table.

Ergonomic stand-at/sit-at table.

A table for sitting or standing at: The mobile RondoLift-KF is infinitely height-adjustable with a simple hand switch. Thus it is usable as a stand-at/sit-at table, perfect for instance for short meetings. The table facilitates ergonomically sound changes of work posture. The RondoLift-KF table is available in different table-top shapes and sizes.

Product examples

  1. Serie 600 Serie 600 1
  2. Our quality standard: Our quality standard: 2
  3. RondoLift-KF RondoLift-KF 3
  4. PantoMove-LuPo PantoMove-LuPo 4
  1. 1 Serie 600
  2. 2 Our quality standard:
  3. 3 RondoLift-KF
  4. 4 PantoMove-LuPo
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