Foldable screen system.

Foldable screen system.

Mobile and very safe when in position: Series 2000 screens on castors are freely movable. They are fitted with an integrated safety push handle and the stable yet light filigree aluminum construction ensures they are safe and secure when in position: The handle facilitates the handling of the multi-part elements.

Product examples

  1. Hokki, Hokki+ Hokki, Hokki+ 1
  2. Serie 2000 Serie 2000 2
  3. Compass-VF Compass-VF 3
  4. Our quality standard: Our quality standard: 4
  1. 1 Hokki, Hokki+
  2. 2 Serie 2000
  3. 3 Compass-VF
  4. 4 Our quality standard:
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