Tables for more mobility.

Tables for more mobility.

Whether coordination meeting in a subject group or full staff meetings: The multipurpose NetWork tables have lockable castors so that they can be linked quickly to meet particular requirements. Series 600 mobile cabinets (e.g. for subject specific teaching materials) can be deployed as mobile storage space and serve as dividers in larges spaces to create meetings areas. PantoFour-VF stackable chairs provide the flexibility needed here. The Compass-VF four-legged chair is also available with double castors for mobility.

Product examples

  1. PantoFour-VF PantoFour-VF 1
  2. NetWork NetWork 2
  3. Serie 600 Serie 600 3
  1. 1 PantoFour-VF
  2. 2 NetWork
  3. 3 Serie 600
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