Small-group discussions.

Small-group discussions.

The Rondo-ST is available as an ergonomic sit-at or stand-at table with fixed table height (RondoSit-ST and RondoStand-ST) or as the combined sit-at and stand-at table RondoLift-ST with infinite height adjustment. They are all perfect for focused work or small-group meetings. The table tops come in oval, circle or square elements. Series 700 sideboards or cabinets with space-saving sliding doors offer practical storage space and also create a homey, friendly environment. The stackable KN-38 chair is also available with upholstery.

Product examples

  1. KN-38 KN-38 1
  2. RondoLift-ST RondoLift-ST 2
  3. Serie 700 Serie 700 3
  1. 1 KN-38
  2. 2 RondoLift-ST
  3. 3 Serie 700
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