Workstation and personal discussion.

Workstation and personal discussion.

A head‘s office that also offers plenty of space for communication between colleagues: With table top sizes up to 100 x 220 cm the multipurpose NetWork can be deployed as a combined work and meetings table. The PantoMove-VF swivel chair, with upholstered seat or all-round firm upholstery, is also equipped with a 3-D tilt mechanism that supports shifts between active and passive sitting postures. Seating elements in the Series Lounge can be freely combined; they create a pleasant ambience for discussions with colleagues or with parents.

Product examples

  1. Serie Lounge Serie Lounge 1
  2. NetWork NetWork 2
  3. PantoMove-VF PantoMove-VF 3
  4. Serie 700 Serie 700 4
  1. 1 Serie Lounge
  2. 2 NetWork
  3. 3 PantoMove-VF
  4. 4 Serie 700
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