Full staff meeting.

Full staff meeting.

Single NetWork tables (widths up to 220 cm), add-on tables and hanging leaves can be combined to form a meeting table ensemble for full staff meetings. Conference chair TH-37 comes as a cantilever, as skid chair and as a four-legged chair. The seat shell is beech plywood with either firm one-sided upholstery or all-round soft upholstery. Series 800 cabinets with integrated back panel can be arranged as room dividers.

Product examples

  1. Serie 800 Serie 800 1
  2. NetWork NetWork 2
  3. TH-37, TH-37-Soft. TH-37, TH-37-Soft. 3
  1. 1 Serie 800
  2. 2 NetWork
  3. 3 TH-37, TH-37-Soft.
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