A lounge for meeting up and talking.

A lounge for meeting up and talking.

Very colorful and extremely comfortable: With ClubLounge upholstered elements you can create an attractive lounge area for pupils. The perfect place for reading, researching, communicating and exchange of ideas in a group. With a foam material core these ClubLounge elements are ideally equipped to cope with the wear and tear of school life. The synthetic covers are dirt and water-repellant and washable, and are also easy to clean.

Product examples

  1. Serie 600 Serie 600 1
  2. ClubLounge ClubLounge 2
  3. Hokki, Hokki+ Hokki, Hokki+ 3
  1. 1 Serie 600
  2. 2 ClubLounge
  3. 3 Hokki, Hokki+
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