Separate play areas in no time.

Separate play areas in no time.

Series 2000-P mobile screens can be assembled with basic and add-on elements. Thus separate areas may be created quickly and as required. Series 600 mobile cupboards and shelving elements can also be used as room dividers. They provide the necessary storage space right where they are needed. Screens with acoustic surfaces take care of sound absorption in the area and allow people to co-exist without disturbing one another. Also mobile: NetWork tables on castors and the very serviceable PantoSwing-VF cantilever chair.

Product examples

  1. NetWork NetWork 1
  2. PantoSwing-VF PantoSwing-VF 2
  3. Serie 2000 Serie 2000 3
  4. Serie 600 Serie 600 4
  1. 1 NetWork
  2. 2 PantoSwing-VF
  3. 3 Serie 2000
  4. 4 Serie 600
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