Areas for assignments, practice and revision sessions.

Areas for assignments, practice and revision sessions.

In ones or twos, pupils work intensively on problem-solving, and do revision and practice. Flexible and mobile furniture facilitates the design of these learning areas. Amongst the furniture solutions available are the infinitely height-adjustable pupil’s table, Ergo-I together with the likewise individually height-adjustable pupil’s chair, PantoMove-VF. Both provide pupils of different year groups and body size with ergonomic workstations. Series 800 shelving and materials cabinets can be equipped with plastic boxes for personal storage space.

Product examples

  1. Ergo-I Ergo-I 1
  2. PantoMove-VF PantoMove-VF 2
  3. Serie 800 Serie 800 3
  1. 1 Ergo-I
  2. 2 PantoMove-VF
  3. 3 Serie 800
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