Furniture to fit pupils.

Furniture to fit pupils.

The Ergo-III pupil’s chair is infinitely height-adjustable right across the height spectrum. Just one model covers all school requirements and is ergonomically ideal. The working surface can be infinitely tilted from 0° to 16°; in each position the storage surface remains horizontal. The PantoMove-VF swivel chair is also easily height-adjustable. Its dynamic seat surface reacts to every movement of the body and supports shifts between active and passive sitting postures. Series 600 mobile shelving elements provide the necessary storage space.

Product examples

  1. Ergo-III Ergo-III 1
  2. PantoMove-VF PantoMove-VF 2
  3. Serie 600 Serie 600 3
  4. Hokki, Hokki+ Hokki, Hokki+ 4
  1. 1 Ergo-III
  2. 2 PantoMove-VF
  3. 3 Serie 600
  4. 4 Hokki, Hokki+
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