Flexible furniture for the classroom – made easy.

Flexible furniture for the classroom – made easy.

Fixed desks are no longer a measure of how schools today operate. The school day in today’s world is punctuated by alternating phases. For this you need school furniture that can be changed around easily making rooms more diversely usable. The stackable LiteTable is highly stable but so light that the pupils themselves can move it around really easily. The PantoSwing-VF cantilever chair is comfortable all day long. And putting it up on the table is not a problem; it has integrated edge protection for the table top.

Product examples

  1. LiteTable-AL LiteTable-AL 1
  2. PantoSwing-VF PantoSwing-VF 2
  3. TopPilon-I TopPilon-I 3
  1. 1 LiteTable-AL
  2. 2 PantoSwing-VF
  3. 3 TopPilon-I
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