Better classroom organization.

Better classroom organization.

With Series 600 mobile shelving and cupboard elements cupboard space can be created for schoolbags making better classroom organization. The advantage: By using this separate organizational element, slim, light tables such as the TriTable can be introduced; they are easily re-grouped and fitted into different learning situations. The PantoMove-LuPo swivel chair enables a dynamic sitting posture, is thus of physiological benefit and also extremely comfortable.

Product examples

  1. LiteTable-AL LiteTable-AL 1
  2. Serie 600 Serie 600 2
  3. PantoMove-LuPo PantoMove-LuPo 3
  1. 1 LiteTable-AL
  2. 2 Serie 600
  3. 3 PantoMove-LuPo
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