Make it more possible with furniture.

Make it more possible with furniture.

Nowadays the school day is governed by alternating phases: Learning in large or small groups, project and team work, practice and revision – for this, schools need space. It is thus necessary to have school furniture that is flexible so that change is easy and rooms can be used in diverse ways. Series 800 cabinets and shelving elements in the Series 600 offer personal storage space. The LiteTable is indeed light and can be rearranged by pupils themselves. The PantoMove-LuPo swivel chair is infinitely height-adjustable. The RondoLift sit-at and stand-at table enables users to change their working posture in an ergonomically beneficial way.

Product examples

  1. RondoLift-KF RondoLift-KF 1
  2. LiteTable-AL LiteTable-AL 2
  3. PantoMove-LuPo PantoMove-LuPo 3
  4. Serie 600 Serie 600 4
  1. 1 RondoLift-KF
  2. 2 LiteTable-AL
  3. 3 PantoMove-LuPo
  4. 4 Serie 600
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