Knowledge transfer and learning in class.

Knowledge transfer and learning in class.

NetWork pupils’ tables come in different formats. Floor-leveling screws make them very secure. They can be fitted with chair brackets for the PantoMove swivel chair.

The chair’s dynamic seat responds to movements of the body and inclines forwards and backwards (by 7.5°) and to both sides (by 3.5°). This means that forward-sitting postures as well as backwards weight shifting are both supported. The RondoLift teacher’s table is infinitely height-adjustable by hand switch. Under the table top there is an optional lockable drawer for lesson materials.

Product examples

  1. NetWork NetWork 1
  2. PantoMove-LuPo PantoMove-LuPo 2
  3. RondoLift-KF RondoLift-KF 3
  1. 1 NetWork
  2. 2 PantoMove-LuPo
  3. 3 RondoLift-KF
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