Basic ergonomic equipment with adaptable tables.

Basic ergonomic equipment with adaptable tables.

The StepByStep-III pupil’s table is step height-adjustable. This ensures that the school furniture is ergonomically adapted to each pupil’s body size. Another advantage of StepByStep-III: The work top is inclinable in steps whereby in every position the shelf below remains horizontal. The PantoSwing-VF pupil’s chair is available in all sizes. The classic board equipment for the classroom: TopPilon-V, the column folding board with five writing surfaces.

Product examples

  1. StepByStep-III StepByStep-III 1
  2. PantoSwing-VF PantoSwing-VF 2
  3. MapOn MapOn 3
  4. TopPilon-V TopPilon-V 4
  1. 1 StepByStep-III
  2. 2 PantoSwing-VF
  3. 3 MapOn
  4. 4 TopPilon-V
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