School tables for generations of pupils.

School tables for generations of pupils.

A classic skid table, the Uno-M can be fitted with a LIGNOdur table top. It is made from beech wood shavings pressed under heat in a process perfected by VS. The result of this well-proven process that has been used now for many decades is an especially durable, wear-resistant and scratchproof school table top – offering a standard in stability and durability that is to date unbeaten. Uno-M is ideally combined with the light and slim PantoSwing-VF cantilever chair.

Product examples

  1. PantoSwing-VF PantoSwing-VF 1
  2. Uno-M Uno-M 2
  3. TopPilon-V TopPilon-V 3
  1. 1 PantoSwing-VF
  2. 2 Uno-M
  3. 3 TopPilon-V
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