Work rooms for senior high school.

Work rooms for senior high school.

The multi-purpose Euroline comes in many different formats. They are fitted with glides for hard or soft floors or come with floor-leveling screws. In spite of having a round steel tube frame they are slim and elegant. The stackable KN-39 four-legged chair, a timeless classic made from steel tube has the same design reputation. Seat and backrest are in beech plywood, optionally with one-sided firm upholstery. The KN-39 chairs come in four sizes.

Product examples

  1. KN-39 KN-39 1
  2. EuroLine EuroLine 2
  3. TopPilon-I TopPilon-I 3
  1. 1 KN-39
  2. 2 EuroLine
  3. 3 TopPilon-I
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