The teacher’s desk as main work area.

The teacher’s desk as main work area.

The Quattro-Teach four-legged teacher’s desk can be equipped as required: Bases with cupboard or drawers (by request lockable) can be fitted to just one or both sides. As an AV table it has a cut-out for an overhead projector. The PantoMove-VF swivel chair has a dynamic seat surface for ergonomic comfort. Like Ergo-I pupil’s tables, PantoMove-VF is also infinitely height-adjustable. The classic TopPilon-V board has five writing surfaces.

Product examples

  1. PantoMove-VF PantoMove-VF 1
  2. Ergo-I Ergo-I 2
  3. Quattro-Teach Quattro-Teach 3
  4. TopPilon-V TopPilon-V 4
  1. 1 PantoMove-VF
  2. 2 Ergo-I
  3. 3 Quattro-Teach
  4. 4 TopPilon-V
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