Slim and stable pupils’ tables.

Slim and stable pupils’ tables.

Duo-C robust and wear-resistant pupils’ tables come in six sizes. The powder-coated steel-tube frame cannot be easily damaged even over years of use. Equally hard-wearing: the LIGNOdur safety top for especially good durability. This VS-developed product has proved itself well and truly up to the challenges of a school day. A durable companion for the Duo-C is the BasicGlide stackable chair. This classic skid chair with seat and backrest of beech plywood is reliably stable. The TopPilon-V board has five writing surfaces.

Product examples

  1. BasicGlide BasicGlide 1
  2. Quattro-Teach Quattro-Teach 2
  3. Duo-C Duo-C 3
  4. TopPilon-V TopPilon-V 4
  1. 1 BasicGlide
  2. 2 Quattro-Teach
  3. 3 Duo-C
  4. 4 TopPilon-V
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