Focused working, alone or in a team.

Focused working, alone or in a team.

Focused working needs protected zones. With Series 2000-P screens spaces can be divided up into different functional areas. Integrated castors make these elements highly flexible. Quiet working corners can be created by erecting the screen in a zigzag. When not in use, the screens are folded and moved to the side. There, together with stackable LiteTable tables and slim PantoSwing cantilever chairs they form a furniture repository that can be deployed at any time.

Product examples

  1. PantoSwing-LuPo PantoSwing-LuPo 1
  2. LiteTable-AL LiteTable-AL 2
  3. Serie 2000 Serie 2000 3
  1. 1 PantoSwing-LuPo
  2. 2 LiteTable-AL
  3. 3 Serie 2000
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