The homework room in the all-day school.

The homework room in the all-day school.

Multi-purpose NetWork tables come in different basic shapes and different formats. This means rooms can be furnished according to need. Compass-VF four-legged pupils’ chairs, in conformity with EU standards, are available in six sizes. They are stackable and enhance flexibility of room use. As a multi-purpose chair, the Compass-VF is also available with armrests and optionally with firm seat upholstery or all-round firm upholstery.

Product examples

  1. SitzCouch SitzCouch 1
  2. NetWork NetWork 2
  3. Compass-VF Compass-VF 3
  4. TopPilon-V TopPilon-V 4
  1. 1 SitzCouch
  2. 2 NetWork
  3. 3 Compass-VF
  4. 4 TopPilon-V
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