Subject-specific equipment for the art room.

Subject-specific equipment for the art room.

The Duo-Tec art table is available with a fixed horizontal table top or inclinable top with step or infinite adjustment. A drawer or wire basket can be integrated on one side. The Solo four-legged stool has footrests in four heights so it can be used in the art room by pupils of different sizes. The Rondo stool is available in three fixed heights, and also in a mobile stool version, the cross-base RondoLift, with gas-spring height adjustment.

Product examples

  1. Duo-Tec Duo-Tec 1
  2. Solo Solo 2
  3. TopScript-I TopScript-I 3
  1. 1 Duo-Tec
  2. 2 Solo
  3. 3 TopScript-I
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