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  • Digital classroom

    Optimum networking.

    The classroom of tomorrow already exists today: The intelligent use of digital technology is a great aid to teaching and learning. With “VS - das Systemhaus” we are conceiving and planning the perfect combination of technology and furniture. This is the basis for sophisticated digital learning space concepts that really work. And that are perfect for your school and your requirements.

    Furniture and media:

    • PantoSwing, forward-sprung cantilever chair
    • TriTable-II, triangular table
    • Shift+ Base, semi-circular table
    • Shift+ Landscape, movable shelving
    • Serie 800, shelf unit
    • InteractivePilon, 84“ display
  • Learning studio

    More flexible ways to learn.

    Designing learning worlds means designing communication. Because every environment influences the interactions that are to take place within it. For input phases and presentations, the furniture in the room is best set up facing the front. The subsequent group work benefits from team tables that can be easily moved together in the room. What is needed for quiet work, research tasks or individual support are individual workplaces. This can all be achieved quickly and conveniently in one and the same room and then be reorganized again whenever necessary. All this is possible thanks to our versatile, easily combinable furniture.

    The furniture in the learning studio:

    • PantoSwing, forward-sprung cantilever chair
    • Shift+ Landscape, movable shelving
    • Shift+ Landscape, seat cushion
    • Shift+ Base, student's desk
    • Shift+ Base, teacher's desk, hight adjustable
    • Gugl, stackable table (FloorFriends™)
  • Marketplace

    A place for everyone.

    A market place is the shared heart of a learning community. It can be used by everyone at the same time and across groups. It allows classes to gather together and promotes a sense of community. Here, everything is possible: from presentations through to discussions, relaxation or concentrated learning. It is also an ideal location for team teaching.

    The furniture in the marketplace:

    • Level-LuPo, students' chair with two standardized seating heights for multi-year learning
    • PantoMove-LuPo, height-adjustable star-foot chair with foot ring
    • PantoSwing-LuPo, forward-sprung cantilever chair
    • Shift+ Base, stackable students' desk for combination use
    • Shift+ Base, four-legged group table
    • Shift+ Landscape, movable shelving
    • Hokki, active stool
    • Shift+ Landscape, seat cushion
    • Shift+ Base, semi-circular research table
    • Serie 800, shelf unit
  • Learning office

    Total concentration

    There are times when learning simply needs peace and quiet. Peace, quiet and structure, as you can find in our learning office. We developed this in cooperation with schools – as a modular system. Because every place of learning looks different, every group has its own needs. No one-size-fits-all solution will do.

    The furniture in the learning office:

    • PantoMove-LuPo, star-foot chair
    • Cross, square students' desk
    • TriTable-II, triangular students' desk
    • LernBox, cabinet
  • Chill-out

    Sit back and relax.

    Even at school, it's possible to feel almost at home: For that, there is a place to withdraw – reserved exclusively for rest and relaxation. We have called this space “Chill-out”. And the welcoming, comfortable name reflects exactly what we wanted to achieve. Whether you want a cosy corner to get away from the bustle or an inviting island where you can meet and talk, create the environment you need from our bean bags, seat cushions or sofas It is clear that the furniture and cushions have to be tough and easy to maintain. But that doesn't mean they have to look like that.

    The furniture for chilling:

    • Gugl, Stackable table with storage space function
    • Stacking stones, play furniture
    • FloorFriends, Mats, carpets and back support roll
  • Canteen and cafeteria

    More than just eating.

    Because a canteen is always an inspiring place to meet, talk and recover. It is a social hub at the heart of the school This is where everyone who learns, lives and works in the school comes together: younger and older students, teachers, administrators, support staff and guests. The furniture must be able to cater for all this variety. And it must also be practical, tough and attractive. We think of all these details when we start to design our furniture and incorporate them in our products. So that replenishing energy at school is always easy and enjoyable!

    The furniture in the canteen and cafeteria:

    • NF-Compass, stackable four-legged chair
    • Clapp-T, foldable table
  • Staff room

    Base station for the teaching staff.

    Whether as a communications hub for the team or the launchpad for daily educational expeditions, the staff room is absolutely essential. A team needs a shared space where everyone can come to meet up and use for their joint work. A space to look in on, share experiences, make fresh plans, discuss or even celebrate. A team space like this is the perfect start for the working day and it is here that the team can get together again at any time.

    The furniture in the staff room:

    • PantoMove-Soft, star-foot chair
    • Cross, square student's desk
    • LearnBox, cabinet
    • eddy, storage bag
    • Serie 800, shelf unit
    • Serie Lounge, seat cushion and coffee table
  • Teachers' lounge

    Please take a seat.

    No-one can keep going with undiminished energy from morning till late afternoon – not even the most stress-hardened teacher. A lounge is an inviting place to withdraw and relax. The comfortable, welcoming furniture makes it clear: This is a place to relax in. Here, teachers can leaf through the newspaper in peace and quiet – something they once again had no time to do in the morning Over a cup of coffee they can chat with colleagues about the movie they watched at the week-end or discuss new developments in education policy. It is wonderful if a lounge area of this type can be used by all the school's staff, whether teachers, administrators or educational support personnel. In this way, the team can go beyond simple shared tasks and become even more close-knit.

    The furniture in the teachers' lounge:

    • Serie Lounge, armchair, sofa, bench and chaise longue
    • Serie Lounge, occasional table
    • RondoLift-ST, stand-at table
    • Serie 800, cabinets and add-on cabinets, kitchenette
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