Innovations from VS


In recent months, we have been working on innovations that energize learning in a digital and versatile way. We would like to present these new developments to you here and invite you to talk to us directly about how we can work together to help your learning spaces evolve and make them ready for the future.

We “take our thinking further” by adopting a holistic vision of learning spaces – with furniture configurations that are perfect for meeting a wide range of teaching needs, functional workplaces for teaching staff and comfortable, welcoming designs that ensure that learning spaces are also places of well-being. During long school days as well as for seminars and workshops.

#1 ReCharge by VS

Uninterrupted power for iPads

iPads are an aid during teaching – provided that the devices have a continuous power supply. That is why we developed the ReCharge by VS concept. This is a way of wirelessly charging the iPads at the students’ or teachers’ desk.


Storage space to go.

Open, self-organised learning spaces are particularly powerful teaching tools. However, they have to be organised based on principles that provide optimum support for flexible space utilisation. SPACE by VS is a series of mobile cabinets that are easily moved and allow subject-specific teaching material to be taken exactly where it is needed exactly when it is needed. 

Whether in the makerspace or in the classroom: In this way, the material from the Gratnells trays housed in the cabinets is always available to students at exactly the right moment. The fixed cabinets in central areas act as a “hub” in the form of a structured storage space from which the mobile cabinets and material trays are loaded. The great advantage: Your learning spaces can be used in more versatile ways and your materials are tidied away and always well-ordered.

#3 Tano 

A stackable table for more versatile teaching.

Small and large learning teams, concentrated individual work, collaborate with partners or full-class activities: Tano – our new asymmetrical stackable table – can be combined in as many different ways as there are forms of learning. It enriches learning landscapes thanks to its geometry, its mobility and its multitude of possible uses. In this way, it points the way towards more versatile teaching. 

#4 M-Table with M-Panel

The productive meeting place in the staffroom and coworking spaces.


Discussions, research, presentations or just a chat. The stand-at M-Table/Panel – optionally available with integrated monitor and video soundbar – is the ideal place for productive discussions. It allows colleagues to get together to be brought quickly up to speed about current issues or to network with teachers in other schools via video chat. This solution is equally perfect as an online research station as it is as a coffee table for important discussions with colleagues.

#5 VS Stakki made from recycled material

Even more sustainable material, unchanged outstanding qualities.


We have converted the production of our three-legged chair VS Stakki. It is now made completely from recyclates and is therefore even more resource-friendly. VS Stakki still possesses all its other outstanding characteristics: It is extremely light. Comfortable. Robust. Colourful. Stackable. And suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Making it possible to learn, work, and chat outdoors as well as inside. 


Are you interested in our innovations, would you welcome advice concerning theGerman school digitalisation initiative Digitalpakt or do you simply need some exciting ideas for the design of your learning and working spaces? 

Then get in touch with us using our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.