Lunch, school canteen

The power supply in the school


A quick break-time sandwich isn't really adequate to get through a long day at school. By lunchtime at the latest, everyone needs to refuel. An inviting canteen is exactly the right place. Of course, eating isn't the only thing that happens here. The canteen is also an important place for social interaction. An inspiring place where everyone who learns, lives and works in the school can meet, talk, share ideas and recuperate.

The furniture must cater for all this variety, where tables can be quickly arranged in stimulating rows for large numbers of people to sit and eat. Smaller tables can also be used to extend these arrangements.

Last but not least, the canteen must be practical and easy to maintain. Here, little details in the furniture make all the difference: Are the tables and chairs robust and able to withstand the demands of everyday school life? Can the surfaces be easily wiped clean? Can the chairs be suspended from the table-top to make it easier to sweep the floor below? 

We think of all these little details when we begin designing our furniture, carefully incorporating them into our products as much as possible.

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