Storage to go

SpaceWalk and SpaceStation – for flexible teaching

Here now – then there. Teaching today is characterised by changing work scenarios in different rooms. This makes teachers into transport specialists. Teaching materials have to be prepared, stored, taken into the classroom, tidied up and carried out again. This is a feat of logistics.

And this is where our Space storage concept comes into play!

Space is based on Gratnells storage trays, which are used as storage containers in many of our furniture systems.

In the SpaceStation stationary module, the trays are stored at a central location, prepared with the required teaching materials.

The teachers load the trays they need from SpaceStation, into the mobile SpaceWalk element and roll it into the room where they are teaching.

Here, the pupils collect the trays that they need and take them to their places.

When they have completed the task, they return the trays to SpaceWalk. This makes keeping tidy easy.

Finally, the teacher can take SpaceWalk and all of the completed trays back again, for example to the staff room to mark the work.


The mobile SpaceWalk module is available in three widths. It can be covered with side panels, a rear panel and a door, all made of powder-coated sheet steel. The door is always fitted with a lock. 

 Up to nine shallow or four deep Gratnells trays fit in each row, with or without a lid.



The stationary SpaceStation module is available in two widths. Up to 18 shallow or 8 deep Gratnells trays fit in each row.

SpaceStation must always be fixed to the wall. If several modules are placed next to each other, they should be linked with row connectors.


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