Office swivel chairs

Shape economy2

Swivel chair.

Shape economy2

Office swivel chair with synchronous mechanism, continuous seat height adjustment and safety gas spring, optionally with armrests.

Seat and backrest upholstered with breathable molded foam or back-support mesh. Comfortable flat seat and mid-height or high backrest with plastic external shell. Adjustable upholstered backrest.

Frame consisting of a 5-spoke star foot with soft or hard castors.

Synchronous mechanism. The seat and backrest are synchronized to move with sitter and are always at the correct angle. Continuously adjustable and lockable support pressure for the back.

Synchronous mechanism - 3D (optional). As for the synchronous mechanism, but with additional automatic adjustment capability for the entire upper part of the chair (seat and backrest) either forward (inclination of seat up to -8°) or backward (inclination of backrest from 82° to 128°), as well as to the side (lateral movement up to +/-6°).

Synchronous mechanism - 3D, lockable (optional). With additional locking capability in zero position or at -6° forward inclination.

Lumbar support (optional) mechanical depth adjustment (3.5 cm).

The following material groups are available: Plastic frame: C; Frame made of metal: M(polished Alu, Alu silver); Fabric cover: S66.

Shape economy2