Upholstered elements


Occasional-element with integrated storage space. FloorFriends for floor-level learning.


Body made from deep-drawn, conical ABS plastic. The body is stackable.

Top made from HPL top. The top can be removed to access the storage space and is equipped with a groove to protect it against slipping. The storage space can accommodate back casters (09379), carpets (09440) or upholstery mats (09445).

Padded mats consisting of a thick, foam-padded body with anti-slip bottom, side carrying loop and a black, all-round surrounding strap. The top seating surface consists of a hard-wearing, coloured covering.

Fire protection of upholstered mats optional according to DIN 66084 corresponding to classes P-c (low), P-b (medium), P-a (high).

Equipment: Optionally available with a black polypropylene pen insert in the top.

The following material groups are available to choose from: Body made of plastic: C(white, black grey RAL 7021); HPL-top: L4; Fabric cover: S40,64,82.