Serie 901

Accessories for electrification.

Serie 901

Multiple socket-outlet with supply lead (HO5W-F3G) and connector. With VDE approval symbol. With a Velcro-type fastener for attaching to the table top cross-member or for inserting in the cable tray. 2 socket-outlets of the GST18 system can be linked without further connecting cables.

Vertical cable chain of interlocking two-chamber links of flexible plastic for guiding separate cables. To be hung at the top into the table top cable trough or cross-member and with a metal disc at floor level.

EBox. Clip-on strip with sockets for power and data. Made of plastic for guiding separate cables. For clipping onto the table top cross-member.

EBox. Socket-outlet element with power/system connections can be integrated into the cable outlet flush with the table top.

Serie 901