Mobile module for storage boxes.

Mobile module for storage boxes.

Here everything goes in the box: This storage module creates orderliness. Even all those little bits that are part of different play activities are stowed efficiently in plastic boxes. The module has running rails so that the differently sized boxes can be freely combined. It is equipped with lockable castors and is thus movable and flexibly employable. The steel-tube frame is highly stable. The base is solid metal; the sides and back are finished with powder-coated, perforated metal elements in fresh-looking colors.

Product examples

  1. Hokki, Hokki+ Hokki, Hokki+ 1
  2. Serie 600 Serie 600 2
  3. Our quality standard: Our quality standard: 3
  1. 1 Hokki, Hokki+
  2. 2 Serie 600
  3. 3 Our quality standard:
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