Boomerang Chair

The Boomerang Chair has long been iconic: It was designed by Neutra in the 1940s in different versions as easy furniture for projects including the Channel Heights housing development, Nesbitt House (pictured) and Logar House. The sweeping side pieces and straight oak rounded poles in combination with webbing are a hallmark of the era.

Floor level learning

Children discover learning close to the ground.


The wobbling chair.


Every body

Design: Jean Nouvel

Neutra in Los Angeles

In the spring of 2014 the exhibition “A Pioneer of the International Style – the Undiscovered Furniture Designer” at the A+D Museum, Los Angeles, presented the Neutra Furniture Collection by VS to the design-loving public of California. Shown here were Neutra’s best-known houses and villas, long since icons of modern architecture.



We can only teach children core competencies for the 21st century in schools and with teaching methods that are actually designed to achieve the outcomes we need now and in the future. Learning and the learning environment are thus closely connected: it is imperative to create spaces that do not restrict student development.



Die neue Stuhlprüfmaschine im Einsatz.