Dynamic school furniture

Ergonomic companions for Shift+ table elements

Dynamic sitting.

The PantoMove-LuPo swivel chair is height-adjustable and features a 3-D tilt mechanism. As weight is shifted the seat surface tilts forwards or backwards, or to the sides – allowing students the freedom of movement required for good posture development and sustained concentration. The air-cushion seat shell offers a high degree of comfort.

Comfortable cantilever chair.

The PantoSwing-LuPo cantilever chair has a comfortable air-cushion seat shell offering comfort throughout the long school day. The seat surface tilts forwards and backwards according to shifts in weight.

Playful freedom of movement.

Hokki - the innovative active stool offering freedom of movement in controlled conditions. Its rounded base enables it to move in all directions. The carcass is highly stable but also very light. The soft base prevents slipping.

Pure relaxation.

The Cloud beanbag offers pure relaxation while sitting. The body is constantly in motion and continually encouraged to change sitting posture. The beanbag is springy and gives way to every movement; it supports the back but at the same time takes the strain.

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