Shift+ Landscape

Making maximum mobility possible.


With Shift+ Landscape storage and seat modules learning landscapes and differentiated areas within the classroom can be created swiftly and easily. Storage space at different heights means that areas can be separated to varying degrees. Seat modules too come appropriate to age in different seat heights. Using mixed heights of seats better accumudate the varying sizes of the users, and creates a more inspirational space.

Shift+ Landscape | Seat modules
(straight and rounded).

Straight and rounded seat modules are available in different heights. They provide useful base elements for creating less formal group seating areas as desired. Also the storage module can be directly integrated into the free seating landscape.

Shift+ Landscape | Storage modules
(straight and rounded).

Mobile storage modules come in two heights. They can be integrated in very many different combinations and together with the seat modules form visually separated group areas and thus facilitate lesson differentiation. The modules can also be equipped to accommodate storage boxes. Connection magnets on the side ensure the arrangement is stable, but easily taken apart and for this reason always flexible.

Shift+ Landscape | Teacher’s storage module (straight).

Shift+ Landscape provides a mobile storage module with lockable units for teachers’ needs. As a freely movable module it may accompany the teacher for use in different areas of the building. All Shift+ elements are designed to ensure that mobility does not end at the classroom door.

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