Sculptor Lieberknecht produces sculpture for VS


The “Boomerang Chair” from the “Neutra Furniture Collection by VS” is the centrepiece of the work “Boomerang Tango” by the German sculptor Rolf Lieberknecht. The highly acclaimed experiment in form, which combines the individual parts of the furniture classic in a unique way, was designed for the special exhibition “Featured Editions” at the International Furniture Trade Fair 2014 (“imm cologne”) in Cologne/Germany. “Boomerang Tango” has also been exhibited in the US city of Los Angeles.

To many people it gives the impression of a flock of birds taking flight. The wood sculpture “Boomerang Tango” by the sculptor Rolf Lieberknecht – seemingly randomly put together from many individual parts – amazes with its size, the ease of its construction and the apparent chaos, which on closer inspection exhibits an underlying, well-conceived order.

Only furniture experts recognise the individual parts of the “Boomerang Chair” at first glance: Lieberknecht combines side sections with extended front legs of the chair itself. The construction produces two tetrahedrons on which the striking side wings appear to soar upwards. The two complementing figures lend the unique construction its name: Boomerang Tango.

Rolf Lieberknecht designed the sculpture together with VS for the “imm cologne”, which ran from 13-19 January 2014 at the Cologne Exhibition Centre. Here it was that VS exhibited for the time on its highly-frequented stand the designs of the architect Richard J. Neutra (1892-1970) which have been translated into the “Neutra Furniture Collection by VS”. In Hall 3.2 the special exhibition “Featured Editions” drew in the design-loving public. The art object “Boomerang Tango” was for many the highlight of the design gallery.


“Boomerang Tango” also accompanied the Re-Edition furniture of the “Neutra Furniture Collection by VS” at the “A+D Architecture and Design Museum” in the US city of Los Angeles. Here the architect, who died in 1970, enjoys a special reputation, having produced many of his most celebrated building works in California. The exhibition “A Pioneer of the International Style – the Unknown Furniture Designer”, which ran from 20 February to 28 March 2014, was accordingly well attended. Here too, in its central position, Lieberknecht’s work of art attracted many admiring glances.

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