New VS website wins coveted design awards


Online since the end of 2013: the new Internet presence of VS Vereinigte Spezialmöbelfabriken. More than two years of development have reaped the rewards. The feedback is entirely positive. This is also borne out by the many design awards that www.vs-moebel.de has already received.

In December 2013 the old VS website finally went offline after 10 years of sterling service. Since then a completely redesigned homepage has served as a virtual calling card for VS.

At the “Zum Kuckuck” design agency based in Würzburg/Germany VS discovered a young and reliable team which understood from the outset to approach meticulously the VS company in itself, together with its philosophy, its products and its strategy. “Zum Kuckuck” has translated the research results perfectly into a new and modern Internet presence.

It is not just the design immediately apparent to everyone at first glance that has changed. As well as style and technology, there have also been some changes in terms of content. Thus the Internet presence provides in a sophisticated and entertaining way comprehensive information about the company and its products. Particularly impressive is the site’s so-called “usability” – suitable for use on PCs, smartphones and tablets.

It is not just our customers, dealers and employees who have reacted positively. The design world has been impressed. Consequently above all some of the microsites have already received important awards:

VS is delighted with the honours and would like to take this opportunity to offer its heartfelt thanks to the juries for their wonderful awards.

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