First uniform sustainability standard for European office and facility furniture

All VS furniture has the highest level: LEVEL 3


Information on the new LEVEL sustainability certification system is now available online at https://www.levelcertified.eu/. All the certified VS products are also listed in the database. VS has achieved the highest level – LEVEL 3 – for all its school, office and facility furniture. 

LEVEL is the first uniform sustainability certification system in Europe. It was developed by the European Office Furniture Federation FEMB. Certification is performed by neutral test institutes accredited according to national regulations. The standard specifies the sustainability requirements that the furniture must fulfil. It addresses the following four areas: Materials, Energy and Atmosphere, Human and Ecosystem Health; and Social Responsibility. The assessment relates to the products, their manufacture and the organizational framework.

▶︎ VS is the first company with “European LEVEL”

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