Hokki: The choice grows even larger

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Anyone who likes to keep active while sitting and wants a space-saving, easy-to-stow seat has been well catered for in the past by Hokki. Now, however, VS's brightly colored moving stool is available in two new variants: in a different height and with a cushioned seat.

The 62 cm-high Hokki is an additional seating option for tables of approximately 85 centimeters in height. It is also the perfect choice for activities in which mobility is essential, for example for physiotherapists, dentists or hairdressers. The cushioned, artificial leather seat, which can be ordered in all seating heights as an alternative to the still available PE foam variant, makes sitting even more comfortable, in particular in prolonged use.

Hokki naturally still possesses all its other outstanding characteristics. It induces and encourages a permanent change of posture to promote healthy movement while sitting. It is extremely stable and at the same time exceptionally lightweight to ensure outstanding ease of handling. The non-slip coating on Hokki's base stops the seat from sliding around when the sitter moves.

The unit's body is made from fully recyclable polypropylene and is extremely resilient. This in turns guarantees many years of use and makes a further responsible contribution to reducing natural resource consumption.