Only sustainable timber products and materials throughout

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VS furniture with the PEFC seal: evidence that only sustainable timber products and materials are used in all of the series products manufactured in Tauberbischofsheim.

VS's school and office furniture ranges have now been awarded PEFC Chain of Custody certification. PEFC is an independent certification programme developed to ensure sustainable forest management. The abbreviation stands for "Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification".

The PEFC seal is only granted to producers who can supply a continuous record chain proving that the timber they use comes from forests managed in an environmentally-friendly way. Thereafter, this record chain is then re-verified by independent certification agencies (LGA InterCert) every year.

The PEFC seal on furniture from VS thus shows that the entire chain of production is certified and that the timber and timber materials used in the creation of the furniture have been proven to come from sustainably managed forests. This means, for example, that no more trees are felled than can grow back and that new trees are actually planted in the same place to do so. This preserves the forest's diversity of species and thus safeguards the environment on which animals and plants depend. A sustainably managed forest can also continue to fulfil its role in providing natural protection to water supplies and environments, soil and climate.

The PEFC seal on VS furniture guarantees that the timber used was obtained from a reliable source. It also guarantees that those employed in the felling of the timber and the other associated work carried out in the forest were protected by high safety standards and accorded all of their rights as employees.