The NF-Move and NF-Move-Plus chairs are infinitely height-adjustable to suit the user's individual needs.

The seating height of the NF-Move can be adjusted from approximately 41 cm through to 56 cm. The available adjustment range for the NF-Move-Plus is from approximately 50 cm through to 78 cm. It is suitable for working at sitting/stand-at tables.

Adjustable foot ring
The NF-Move-Plus and NF-Move are equipped with a patented, adjustable foot ring. This can be positioned at the touch of a button, so the feet are supported at exactly the right height during sitting. This reduces the strain on the upper thighs.

3D tilt mechanism
The NF-Move and NF-Move-Plus can be equipped with the patented 3D tilt mechanism for dynamic sitting. The seating surface then reacts to any change of load and tilts gently forwards, backwards, or to the side. It supports the constant changes of position that occur during sitting, providing maximum ergonomic comfort and value.

Chair suspension
The NF-Move variant without armrests is equipped with a glass fibre-reinforced polypropylene hook designed to suspend it from the table top. The bottom of the hook is made from an anti-slip material, enabling the chair to be held securely against the table top, whilst protecting the surface. The floor and table top can both be cleaned efficiently, without unnecessary obstruction.

Castors and glide elements
The NF-Move and NF-Move-Plus are available with castors specially designed for hard or soft floors. Alternatively, three types of glide element are also available: Felt glide elements for hard floors such as parquet, tiles, stone or paving. Plastic glide elements for carpeted floors and smooth floors without linoleum. And VS's in-house developed multi-purpose FloorCare glide element for all flooring types.

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