The slender skid frame of the NF-Wire, made from highly polished chrome-plated steel tubing ideally matches the delicate seat shell. The result is a lightweight multipurpose chair that looks great wherever it is used.

The NF-Wire can also be stacked, making it ideal as a chair for the school hall or for special events. It is easy to handle, a great advantage whenever large spaces have to be equipped with chairs. Thanks to its row connectors, it is not only extremely welcoming, but also always neat and tidy. The NF-Wire skid chair is also available with armrests. The seat and backrest can also optionally be firmly padded.

Both the armrest and non-armrest variants of the NF-Wire skid chair can be stacked (up to 15 chairs). In the version with padded seat, the chair can be stacked up to a height of 10 chairs, with padded seat and back upholstery up to a height of 9 chairs.

The row connectors make it easy to equip even large spaces with chairs.

The glide inserts are replaceable. Felt glides are available for hard floors and plastic glides for soft floors.

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